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Want to Travel With Your Dog Like Us?

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

There are places all around the world for dogs!

I’ve done a lot of research personally, but the best article I’ve found that sums up the best countries to travel with your dog is written by Guilherme Ribeiro on titled “20 Countries to Travel with Your Dog” dated September 28, 2016.

Here’s a summary from the article:

1. France

2. Canada

3. Hungary

4. New Zealand

5. Mexico

6. Sweden

7. Peru

8. South Africa

9. Italy

10. Morocco

11. Brazil

12. England

13. Portugal

14. Turkey

15. USA

16. Malaysia

17. Croatia

18. Georgia

19. Colombia

20. Thailand

You’re probably thinking, especially if you follow our blogs, “Wait! Aren’t you in Ecuador? Ecuador’s not on the list?” You’re right. Ecuador is a little bureaucracy - meaning that there is a lot of very specific paperwork that needs to be completed, signed, stamped, and dated in a very specific way. But, truth be told, when we arrived at customs with all that specific paperwork, they didn’t even look at Niele’s paperwork or at Niele.

The other thing about Ecuador is that dogs are not welcome everywhere. There are many national parks where dogs are prohibited. But there are so many other places you can go with your dog with no restrictions. And the people of Ecuador just LOVE dogs.

It’s also good to know that Ecuador doesn’t officially recognize service dogs of any kind. So if you need to take your service dog with you everywhere, you may have a tough time explaining why, unless it’s a seeing-eye dog (which they do understand). I’ve found that many places are lenient when they see your dog has his service vest and tags, but many places just don’t allow dogs at all, especially restaurants and shopping centers.

I think the most important thing when travelling with your dog is planning and courtesy. If you thoroughly plan your trip or move, making sure you have all the required paperwork, and you are courteous wherever you go with your very well-behaved dog, then people are happy to have you and your dog in their country.

Happy Exploring!

Lynn, Bob and Niele

Reference Article:

Other articles with great info:

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