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Travel? Now? Yes!

If were worried about catching something on an aircraft before, like me, you're probably thinking I'm crazy. But right now, more than ever, airport facilities and airlines are going above and beyond to ensure their facilities and aircraft are super extra clean.

And many airlines are offering great prices and incredible change allowances, which mean you could book your travel, and if needed change the dates and keep the great price, and the fun vacation, for after things settle down.

If you're healthy, planning on traveling anyways, and intend on visiting a destination that is not inundated with this new virus, you could be able to get an unheard of deal on a wonderful future trip.

Now, of course, I'm not saying that you should be a rebel and throw all the new recommendations for avoiding COVID-19 out the window. However, logically, if you're in good physical condition, and you were considering travel anyways, I would consider planning it now.

There are a lot of countries out there that could use the tourist business. And you don't even have to leave your self-quarantined space to book online. Who knows? Maybe by the time your scheduled travel date arrives, the potential zombie-viral apocalypse will be solved, or at least under control, and you will enjoy a fantastic vacation that you obtained at a great price.

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