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Tradition and Transformation: A Unique Eco Lodge in the Andes

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Nestled against the beauty of Cotacachi volcano, surrounded by lush farmland, and overlooking some of the most beautiful views in Northern Ecuador, a transformation is taking place. A single mom and dog lover, Viviana Erazo, is striving to bring to life an environmentally friendly tourist destination that combines the local food and culture, ecologically sound tourism practices, and the wonder and serenity of the Northern Andean Mountains.

This is not just any woman. Of Spanish and Quechua descent, Viviana was born in Ibarra, has lived in Quito for 20 years, traveled the world, worked in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the Ecuadorian Environmental Ministry. Aware of the struggles of the indigenous population as well as educated and trained in the demands of today’s Eco-tourism industry, she is well on her way to uniting both at Sara Lodge.

A primary goal of Sara Lodge is to provide adventurous tourists with a range of comfortable accommodations, an introduction to indigenous culture and cuisine, and the ability to explore the vast landscape surrounding the mountain while their pets are safe, secure and happy in the lodge’s pet hotel.

Sara Lodge is located three kilometers from Cuicocha Lake in the Cotacachi-Cayapas Ecological Reserve which is a must-see destination in Ecuador. However, in order to protect the delicate flora, fauna and animals within its perimeter, the reserve does not permit pets. In addition, many of the nearby accommodations do not accept pets. Viviana recognizes that many tourists and locals alike love to travel and explore with their furry family. Sara Lodge’