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Tips on Traveling During the Pandemic

We hope this will help you plan and pack for your trip during this global pandemic. Even if your destination’s restrictions have been lessened, it’s best to be prepared to ensure you stay safe and you keep others you encounter safe. Please note that this list is not comprehensive but is a guideline.

General Planning and Packing Tips

If you are considering traveling in the next three to twelve months, these planning and packing tips may help you avoid issues related to Covid-19 and stay safe and healthy during your travels.

  • Consider a private charter. If you can afford it, these types of flights are practicing the required safety protocols, but far fewer passengers and crew are involved, allowing for less contact with large numbers of people.

  • Get tested. It’s important, and in many countries a new entrance requirement, to get tested. Some countries are not only requiring testing upon arrival but testing prior to arrival at the departure airport. Make sure your check the rules for the country and city you are going to be visiting. You will need to ensure you have all the necessary paperwork with you during your entire trip, and you may need multiple copies.

  • Bring your medical history. This is a requirement for entry into some countries. But it’s also good practice to ensure you have what you need to show officials or answer questions on required forms.

  • A list of your travel history. This is also a requirement for entry into some countries. Most countries are interested in your travel history for the 14 days prior to your arrival, but it would be prudent to have your travel history for the last three months, just in case.

  • Pack the essentials in your carry-on. We have a list of essentials below. You want to make sure you have everything you need to be safe and stay healthy right at your fingertips. You don’t want to have to dig through your suitcase before it goes into the cargo area or forget something that is very important like extra gloves and masks and hand sanitizer.

  • Verify your baggage. Many of the airlines have made recent changes to their baggage allowances. It’s critical that you check with your airlines for not only checked baggage but for carry-on limits, sizes, and weight.

  • Verify the quarantine requirements. Many of the countries who are opening their borders are still enforcing strict quarantine practices, even if you test negative and have the paperwork to prove it. It’s critical to your trip to triple check the requirements for entry into your destination country as well as entry back into your original country. You wouldn’t want to have planned a two week trip on a liveaboard and have to be stuck in quarantine for 14 days near the airport instead of on your vacation.