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The Ultimate Social Distancing

I know, I know...We're all stuck in our social distancing quarantine areas. But you know this isn't going to be the zombie apocalypse end-of-the-world like in the movies. And you need something to occupy your time...or you'll turn into a zombie! Now's the time to plan a massively exciting live aboard scuba vacation and Hawai'i is a great place to start.

Besides being completely isolated in the middle of the Pacific, each island has it's own unique personality, above and under the ocean. But with a live aboard scuba trip you could experience all the glory of underwater Hawai'i with the added benefit of luxury live aboard isolation from crowds, tourists, and post pandemic hype.

What could be a better way to ease back into your daily routine? In addition, the prices and deals are so good, you'll think you're dreaming. My personal recommendation would be to dive Big Island, Maui, or Kauai.

Personally, I LOVE live aboard diving. So easy, with staff catering to your every need, diving coming out your ears, and some of the BEST dive sites in each location, all for much less than you would spend if you stayed in a hotel, ate at restaurants, booked dive boats, rented gear or hauled your own gear, and rented a car.

Even if you bring some of your gear, it's so much easier rinsing it on-board and letting it dry overnight while you enjoy yourself than having to haul it back to your hotel, clean it, find a place to hang it, and haul it back with you the next day. Can you tell I was a dive instructor? Cleaning gear...not my favorite task, especially on vacation.

But if Hawai'i is not on your post apocalyptic bucket list, there are amazing live aboard scuba deals for Mexico, Indonesia, the Bahamas, and Galapagos. With the added benefit of bringing much needed tourist dollars to each of these areas after this difficult time which will help support these local economies.

Book now and save a ton! Maybe we'll even see you underwater!

Note: WeGotUpAndWent uses links to our affiliate partner sites to be able to help pay for this website and bring these travel deals to you. The prices to you are not increased, the partners just provide us a tiny commission if you book using these links. It's a win-win...and we might even see you out there! Happy bubbles!

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