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Sweet Sailing in the BVI

Note: We went on this trip to the British Virgin Islands in 2016.

And at the top of our bucket list…sailing school…and in the Caribbean no less! How freakin’ exciting is that? Beyond thrilled we left home to head to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) to get certified with Offshore Sailing School as Bob’s retirement gift and our anniversary gift to ourselves.

So the day we left, Bob showed his excitement by wearing his new aloha shirt that was covered with signal flags (the flags that navies use to communicate the letters of the alphabet). And the smile…priceless! The night before, we dropped off our dogs at our friend's pet grooming and boarding business, A Bark Above dog care facility. I knew they would be treated like royalty, but I was missing them terribly already. Driving to the airport before dawn, we grudgingly anticipated the 25 hours of travel ahead of us from Kona, Hawaii to Los Angeles to Miami, and then to