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Mmmm...Cheese & Chocolate!

Updated: Apr 22, 2018

Just imagine yourself surrounded by cheese and chocolate! I don't know about you, but for me, that's pretty close to nirvana for my tummy! And where is this little slice of heaven you ask? In Cayambe, Ecaudor, twice a year the Ministry of Tourism and Corporacion Producayambe hold a "Feria Nacional de Queso" or National Cheese Festival. Vendors from all over Ecuador provide over 40 different types of cheeses, various types of chocolates, yogurts, and other dairy products as well as craft beers, sausages, jams, marmalades, and other savory treats. There are vendors for dairy farm and brewing equipment as well as a food court with fun local foods and drinks. Much to my delight, samples are available for almost everything and they usually have a variety of entertainment including music, a cooking competition, and a cattle competition (depending on the location of the festival).

We even brought Niele, our pug, and he was not only welcome, but made a ton of new friends. The cost to enter is less than $4 per person (and no charge for Niele), and the price of the cheeses and chocolates is not very much more than you would pay at the grocery store. However, many of the offerings are only found at the festival or in some of the very high end restaurants (where you’ll pay much, much more). We love to buy some of the hand-made, craft cheeses that are incredibly delicious and we can’t find in any of the stores. And Bob loves to indulge in the rich, deep chocolate…sweets for the sweet! We think it’s a must do if you’re anywhere near Cayambe or northern Ecuador in the spring or fall (usually February and September). Checkout the links below for more information…and bring your appetite.


  • If you do decide to bring your dog, please make sure he’s very, very well behaved. We don’t want to ruin it for everyone else. There are lots of people, food, drinks, and activity and only really well socialized dogs should attend.

  • The temperatures in Cayambe vary widely, and the Cheese Festival is sometimes outdoors and sometimes indoors, so be prepared to dress in layers and bring sunscreen just in case.

Bon apetite!

Lynn, Bob and Niele

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