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Day 16 Quarantine Efficiencies

So what does a retired engineer do when she has an Energizer puggy that they can't take on walks, has to create video content for her social channels, and needs to update client websites and finish an internet course?

I guess he's done with the tub full of water, because he hasn't touched it all day. And even this cool trick didn't last more than 2 hours. I'm going to have to come up with something really unique.

I'm open to ideas. Email, message, WhatsApp...Let's see if we can keep this dog entertained!

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Side note: Even though we have to find alternative ways to amuse one of the dogs, we really think Ecuador is doing a great job handling this pandemic. While their "rules" may seem strict, they are working and there is plenty of food, supplies, and organization. There seems to be many other places in the world where things aren't going as well. We wish everyone in the world safety and good health through this terrible time, and always.

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