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Day 15 Quarantine...The Energizer Bunny

Niele's still playing in the tub. But it's cold outside, so we put the tub in the bathroom. He's obsessed with playing in this little tub. He played for about two hours today, then fell asleep. But that's way more exciting than what Bob and I are doing.

Wishing everyone well. We'll be posting some better travel stuff, videos, and blogs up as soon as I finish restoring my laptop (ugh!).

Did I mention that we're here in Cotacahi, Ecuador. I really have to give them props. They are very good at this countrywide pandemic control stuff. Yes, the government has imposed strict rules, but it's helping. As of today, it's under control much better than in some other countries. And the people here are super friendly and helpful. More important, there is no hoarding, at least not in Cotacachi.

It's a great place to visit when all of this is over, and an even better place to consider for (early) retirement.

Take care!

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