Best Places to Travel After the Global Pandemic

While this pandemic sweeps across the globe and countries with closed borders contemplate procedures for gradually re-opening, tourism seems to be furthest from our minds. However, leisure travel is a rewarding and positive experience which can have a transformative impact on people’s lives. As we follow the news and the disease control experts, viewing the emptiness of devastated major cities worldwide, it seems unlikely that leisure travel will ever be the same. It may not. At least not in the near future.

Several considerations and concerns will become the new norm for travelers whether planning a trip locally, within their own country or internationally. Travelers will most likely be concerned more with their health than ever before, as well as the potential risk of getting stuck in lockdown in a place far from home. Crowd-free, hassle-free, and potentially touch-free travel (to the maximum extent) possible will become a priority. Travel to local and in-country destinations may increase first as well as the use of private transportation such as self-driving vacations, private yachts, and private jets, for those who have the means.

Travel is not going to disappear, yet the look and feel as well as the destinations will change considerably, at least for a while. Amazing deals on flights, hotels, tours, private jets and yachts, as well as reopening of local landmarks and tourist attractions in need of income will be too good to resist. While we don’t encourage anyone to travel while restrictions are in place, we do hope that you will consider carefully planned excursions as each country progresses through their cautious and careful reopening steps. Those greatly affected by diminished tourism desperately need your tourism dollars and are quickly implementing procedures to keep you and their country safe from further virus spread.

On that note, we present some great alternative destinations which can be potential future post-pandemic travel rewards to yourself for a long and successful quarantine.

Please note we highly recommend that you consult the WHO and CDC guidelines, your countries State Department warnings and messages, and do your own research before planning your next trip.

12. Montana

Big Sky Country, also known as Montana, is a vast expanse of rugged wilderness where nature meets history and beauty meets culture. Montana is home to Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, the Continental Divide, the historical trail traveled by Lewis and Clark in 1804, the site of the 1876 Battle of Bighorn, and a multitude of charming towns and delicious food.

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Everyone will enjoy visiting Montana and there are attractions and activities for all ages and abilities.

Can I bring my dog? Yes, however, there are strict regulations if bringing your dog into Montana. Please review and follow these regulations and these rules.


Montana has many must-do places to go and things to do. Below are just a few:

You can find more guides and ideas at Montana’s Official tourism site here.

Suggested packing list for post-pandemic travel here. Don’t forget to purchase travel insurance for your trip.


Montana is a located in the north western United States. It is defined by its diverse terrain and wide-open spaces. It is home to Glacier National Park in the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains with Yellowstone National Park to the south and Canada to the north.


Ideal months to visit Montana are July and August. June and September are also good months for accessing tourist attractions, however, there is the possibility of rain in June and snow in September.

Recommend: Please check for any possible Covid-19 (Coronavirus) restrictions here before making any travel plans.


From the United States, you can travel by car, train, or airlines. If you are arriving from another country, there are four international airports: Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN), Missoula International Airport (MSO), Great Falls International Airport (GTF) and Billings Logan International Airport (BIL). Note: make sure you have the airport that will land you closest to your intended destination.

Suggested International and National Flights: Delta, United, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines

Suggested Luxury Accommodations:

Suggested Accommodations for dogs:

11. Wyoming

Wyoming’s larger than life landscapes and seemingly endless natural habitat for wildlife, along with its national parks, history, culture, and delicious food, make it a must-see destination in the United States. Possible wildlife encounters include bison, elk, bighorn sheep, and eagles. Wyoming is home to the infamous Yellowstone National Park as well as Grand Teton National Park and the National Elk Refuge, just to name a few. Wyoming provides outdoor enthusiasts with a plethora of activities such as camping, fishing, rafting, golf, horseback riding, hot springs, mountain biking, rock climbing, ziplining, hunting, rodeos, and more. You may not want to go home after visiting.

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Combining outdoor adventure and activities with culture, history and small-town charm